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How Can You Overcoming Creative Block In 7 Steps

Top skill artists are on the rise as they must be capable of facing increasingly complex challenges. For those who claim to be “creative types,” this likely comes as great news.

Those who do not know, don’t worry! As fate would have it, UE 4 Life was founded on the philosophy that anyone can be creative, and that ingenuity can be learned and practiced like any other skill.

Below you’ll find ten exercises that will help you to hit the ground running on your creative journey and succeed in a world where creativity is valued.


Diversify Your Thinking and be Creative
Oftentimes the wackiest idea or concept you think is completely insane is exactly what people latch onto.


Increase Your Creative Juices
Extend yourself and your horizons beyond your comfort zone for a whole new way of looking at things. You’ll gain fresh insight and feel invigorated.


Create a Timeline
It’s easier to eat an elephant in pieces than all at once. Break that daunting task down into simple steps that can help you get moving, creating a timeline of sorts. Once you have a clear, actionable schedule, you can fit the steps into it.

Deliberately Disconnect From Creative Output
Make at least part of your day free from digital distractions. Your time and energy could be going to waste because of these devices. Try to disconnect for a few hours and watch your creativity soar.


Try Out New Ways to Use Familiar Items
Take a step back and examine your life outside of your usual art time when you are feeling stuck in your creativity. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating healthy? Exercising? Are you feeling highly stressed at work or school? Are you having issues with friends or family?


Embrace the Moment, and Remember the Lack of Creativity Will Pass
If you are feeling frustrated, blocked, or unable to be 100% creative, pause for a moment. Breathe deeply. Go to meditation. Figure out where your block is coming from. It’s all okay.


Change Up Your Creative Space
If I feel stuck in my creative process, I change up my workspace. I might go to a new café, change up my desk, or get brighter lighting for my workspace.


Engage in Social Activities with Your Closest Friends and Family
People are by their very nature social creatures, and physical contact, as well as social interaction, is crucial to our growth and development. When you are surrounded by people you trust or who care about you, your cortisol levels are lowered. A good way to get out of your rut is to bounce ideas off of family or friends, as brainstorming together usually yields a much broader range of solutions.