Andre McCoy

Andre "Chyna" McCoy is a skilled martial artist and actor who is also an expert in Capoeira and other forms of martial arts. In 1998, Chyna was given his first role, as Capoeira expert in the straight to Video flm "The Ultamte Game." In 1997, Chyna was given the Honor to get his first job as the Action Fight double for Lawrence Fishburne's character "Morpheus" in the Matrix. He would later go on to double for Fishburne again in Matrix Reloaded. Afterwards, Chyna went on to act in smaller (one liner) films until he locked down bigger lead roles, showcasing his Martial Arts skills and Acting. Durning his acting career, Chyna spent hours on end creating a new character to fit his persona. Bayne a hybrid Werewolf with King Vimpire Blood. Chyna went on to write 3 screenplays for a feature, and and animated teaser as well. Chyna also won the Award for next Action Breakout Star, and quickly on his way to becoming the New Generation of Action Heroes.